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At the point when I was 20, I used to believe that I had a deep understanding of life. I lived with a similar daydream when I got 22, and even 27. Exclusive requirements from everybody around me and self-flogging caused me numerous issues. Some stay even at this point.

In this letter to myself, I need to address each 20-year-old.  Don’t feel that it’s simply one more persuasive letter to myself. It’s the exercises I wish I knew ten years back.


My Letter to 20 Year Old Self

Hi, dear! I realize you would most likely be doubtful about what I would state. In any case, I trust you will tune in any event to some counsel from the exercises I learned through my experience..

1. You Won’t Always Get Things Done Your Way

Despite the fact that it’s difficult to concede, you need to etch this in your cerebrum: “Things don’t generally work as indicated by your arrangement”. Now and then, deviations are minor, here and there extraordinary. You should consistently have plan B.

2. Try not to Burn Bridges

No one can really tell who you are going to require later on. It may be your instructor, the principal chief, a clerk in a coffeehouse close to your home. Continuously recollect that we live in a little world.

3. Pick the People You Surround Yourself with

Those encompassing you shape you. On the off chance that you would prefer not to act like somebody from your internal circle, cross him/her out.

“Avoid individuals who attempt to disparage your desire. Little individuals consistently do that, yet the extremely incredible cause you to feel that you, also can get extraordinary.” – Mark Twain

4. Learning Is an Everlasting Process

This isn’t simply to do with vocation counsel. The more you live, the more you wish you knew more. Continue advancing.

5. Never Postpone Life

Try not to hold up until you finish school or start a new position. Time is passing quicker than you can envision. In the event that you don’t figure out how to live at the time, you will never live.

6. Care about Your Mind and Body

You are your most valuable resource. Try not to disregard warnings. Numerous issues don’t vanish all alone, regardless of the amount we wish they did.

7. You Can Say No

You can say “no” to everything. In the event that something incites pressure and uneasiness, cut it out from your life. Regardless of whether it appears to be hard, you will express gratitude toward yourself later.

8. Trust Your Gut

Your gut is your imperceptible guide through creation choices. You don’t generally need to propel yourself a specific way in the event that it feels wrong. Counsel to myself – state “No” to anything you desire to.

9. Try not to Bottle Up

You have the right to encounter life in the entirety of its totality. Feelings – even negative ones – are a piece of it. In this letter to myself, I need to feature that awful feelings aren’t in every case awful. Without them, we won’t feel the joy of positive sentiments.

10. Excuse

Holding feelings of spite will scarcely improve your life, and for the most part, the just one to endure is you. Others won’t pull around this weight inside themselves.

11. You Are Your Greatest Ally and Opponent

You are your best help, and you are your hardest test. Overwhelming yourself is hard. There is no compelling reason to contrast your outcomes and others. Be better than you used to be.

12. Continuously Stand Up

You will tumble down. Tragically, this will happen ordinarily. Once in a while these falls will appear to be deadly. What’s more, that is typical. What you need to realize is to get a hold of yourself.

“At the point when life wrecks you, attempt to arrive on your back. In such a case that you can look into, you can get up. Let your explanation get you back up.” – Les Brown

13. Remain Passionate about What You Do

Regardless of whether you are going to open a printing shop or a bistro, stay enthusiastic. Your inward force will prompt achievement. You are the one in particular who can light this fire.

14. See Challenges as an Opportunity

Indeed, even an examination from Kings College in London demonstrated that positive reasoning lessens stress and nervousness. As this letter to myself states, life will hit you hard. You will confront numerous difficulties. On the off chance that you hold onto them as an open door for development, they will be simpler to survive.

15. Recognize Your Freedom to Shape Your Life

You are an incredible ace. Despite the fact that you don’t have the ability to control the conditions, you assume liability for your own reaction.

16. Create Self-Love

This is one of the most significant things I would state. Love yourself. Along these lines, you won’t need anybody to give you love. This is a perpetual rule of life.

P.S. Note to myself: Even on the off chance that you don’t follow any of it, you are as yet awesome!